Timeline for Completion


Week 7-8: Prototype

Focus on turn structure and GUI

  • GUI: ability to see cards in hand and your and opponent's battlegrounds
  • Features (at minimum):
    • turn structure built in
    • decks have only vanilla creature and resource cards
    • card placement and creature battle phase AI function properly


Week 9-10: Demo

Focus on adding remaining GUI elements and card effects

  • 3D battle scene added (but only responds to creature attacks with generic effect, maybe some kind of particle effect)
  • Add full functionality for all card types (or as many as possible)


Finals Week: Finished Game

Focus on finishing battle scene and remaining card effects/card art

  • 3D battle scene responds appropriately with game state (planets switch faces, effects correspond to card types and card locations)
  • Finish adding functionality for all card types
  • Polish card art